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Lab xray images

Pictures of the Diffractometers

Large images of the various instruments are shown below.

Bruker d8 in “high resolution” set up, equipped with scintillation counter and rotating sample stage.
Bruker d8 in “high intensity” set up, equipped with position sensitive detector.
Close up of Anton Paar htk1200 furnace (300-1500 K).
Close up of Anton Paar ttk450 sample chamber, capable of operating from 90 to 720 K
Close up of pHenix Cryostat capable of operating from 15 to 300 K
Siemens d5000 powder diffractometer
Close up of Siemens d5000 powder diffractometer showing 40 position sample changer
A grinning team from Bruker UK when the first d8 was installed!