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Historical Research Highlights

This page contains links to some research highlights from the days before twitter! It’s left on line for historical interest.

Metal Organic Framework with reversible NO uptake – see Nature Chemistry.

FePt magnetic nanoparticles – new routes to controlled size magnetic nanoparticles.

Mo2P4O15 – the most complex oxide solved from single crystal methods?

Beyond classical applications of powder diffraction – Chem Soc Rev cover picture!

alpha-Bi2Sn2O7 – a 176 atom structure solved using powder diffraction methods.

Oxygen mobility – at temperatures as low as 200 K in ZrMo2O8 and ZrWMoO8. 

ZrW2O8 – Negative thermal expansion from 2 to 1050 K and low temperature oxygen migration.

LT-AM2O8 – New negative thermal expansion materials

pHenix – A new 15-300 K cryostat for laboratory powder diffraction measurements.